Tax agency

Our experienced consultants, in addition to assisting in tax administration, also assist in the processing of Singapore's corporate and personal income tax, consumption tax (GST), property tax, stamp duty and other tax compliance matters.
We also assist the company in preparing and contacting the other competent statutory bodies in Singapore, such as the Singapore enterprise development council and the Singapore economic development board, to submit applications for local tax concessions.
In addition, we will assist you in establishing a company structure and strategy with sufficient tax benefits. We also provide professional advice to maximize personal tax relief. Our tax compliance service will be customized and kept confidential. Our goal is to make the most favorable tax arrangements for our clients while ensuring tax compliance.
Fill in personal tax returns and apply for tax exemptions
Fill in the company income tax return, the profit statement and other schedules
Fill in the income tax return
Fill in the employer's salary statement
On behalf of the customer objections, tax assessment, application, deferred tax returns and so on
Tax incentives or preferential applications

Consumption tax

Tax reporting

Assist clients in dealing with tax bureau enquiries, field audits and tax investigations
Handle all tax action
Provide tax plan and suggestion

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